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ISBN #0965779319
Listed in the bibliography and included in the collection of the Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois
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Hard Cover
ISBN #0965779300
Barefoot in The Rubble tells a childhood story of survival; survival of physical suffering and emotional pain. The Ethnic Cleansing that took place after World War II is a part of history not publicized, which many of us, too many, know nothing about.

"Barefoot in The Rubble ... tells a story that needs to be heard; one of overcoming great odds, of taking risks, of reunitement with family, and of, at last, freedom."
            - Barbara Kranig
              National President, American Legion Auxiliary

"Barefoot in The Rubble is an articulate and engaging memoir that is candid, insightful, and a testament to the endurance of the human spirit in even the most inhumane of circumstances."
            - Midwest Book Review

Comments from readers, young and old...

"You hold a lot of of history in your memories and by publishing your new book, people will know what happened so the history is passed on."

"I liked all the stories that you told. Some were funny, some were touching, and some were scary."

"You said that people wondered why you were writing your book now, after so many years have passed since these things happened to you. You wrote it for someone like me."

"I wanted to let you know that your book has really touched my heart and has made me so much more thankful for what I have."

"It's a humbling book, but it is also very positive and uplifting."

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