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Other Survivors and Their Stories

A few years after Ms. Elizabeth Walter wrote her book, her cousin Katharina Trinkl decided to share her story. She, too, was put into a concentration camp after World War II. Katharina’s “Escape to Freedom” is told through her eyes and chronicles what her family went through during their internment until their escape in 1947. It continues with their reunion with her father in Augsburg, Germany, then tells of her moving to America and finally comes full circle when she goes back to visit Karlsdorf, Yugoslavia (now Serbia) more than 50 years later.
You can order Katharina’s “Escape to Freedom” by clicking here. or by using the Escape to Freedom link to the left.

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In 2004, Pannonia Press printed Katharine Hoeger Flotzí story. Katherina and her husband George were born in a town called Gakowa, and Katharine tells her story as well as her husbandís story in the book  “A Pebble in my Shoe”. This book outlines the story of illness, death, and Katherineís escape from camp, and relates the tale of Georgeís departure from home with his family before Russian forces arrive, as they traveled by foot, horse drawn wagon, and open railroad car across Europe.

For more information about Katharine Hoeger Flotz and her life experiences please click here Katherine Hoeger-Flotz.

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