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The Great Swabian Migration Cover

The Great Swabian Migration
ISBN #9780965779340
Learn how and why the Donauschwaben settled in their new homes along the Danube in the epic historical novel by Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn, now translated into English!

The Great Swabian Migration relates the fictional stories of a bride from Swabia who travels down the Danube to meet her bridegroom; a family from the Pfalz that travels by wagon to find a new homeland; and Count Klaus Florimund Mercy, Governor of the Banat, who convinces his nephew to help him achieve his grand vision of a new paradise.

Their fates intertwine in this fascinating tale which chronicles the journey of the thousands of Danube Swabians who came mostly by boat to find a new homeland in the Banat, Batschka and Schwäbische Türkei, areas which are now in Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Croatia.

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